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I’d like to get started. How will the process unfold?

We will walk you through your entire wedding journey in order to achieve photos that you will treasure for years to come. That includes in-depth discussion and planning which starts months before the big event. It’s all about connecting on a personal level and discovering how to best portray your beautiful connection as a couple.

I need to know the responsibility for my wedding photos is in the safest hands. How can you reassure me?

Heaven forbid should a slight hiccup arise, you will surely breathe a sigh of relief when your photographer puts you at ease with a bit of humour and compassion. After all, that’s what Sean has built his business upon – capturing love and happiness as it unfolds. It’s all about creating a relaxed yet fun environment. Your day is all about you.

Do you have any testimonials from past weddings?

Absolutely! You can view our testimonials from many happy couples experiences.

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